Executive Search and Recruitment

Aplus Consulting's Executive Search and Recruitment Services specialize in linking businesses like yours with highly qualified candidates. Our all-inclusive package guarantees the discovery of top-tier talent and goes beyond traditional recruitment, perfectly aligned with your business needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team and company culture.

With our expertise and industry knowledge, we are your trusted partner in executive search and recruitment. Discover exceptional executive talent that will drive your business forward.

Why Choose Us?
  • 20,000+ targeted talents pool with AI Support

  • Team of knowledgeable industry expert, particularly FMCG and Technology

  • Tailored and comprehensive solution designed to save you time and resources

  • Dedicated Support

  • Going the Extra Mile: From conducting thorough sourcing to reference checks, to providing interview facilities, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your complete satisfaction

  • Above 80% successful placement rate

Our Services Package:
  • Free Initial Consultation: Discuss your needs with our experienced and insightful industry consultants, at no cost to you. We delve into your company culture, values, and long-term goals to ensure seamless candidate matches that align with your organization

  • Tailored Search Solution: We provide customized talent search solutions tailored to each client's specific needs and budget constraints

  • Rigorous Pre-Assessment: We meticulously source top talents across various industries to match your unique criteria, by leveraging our comprehensive process, tools and AI support. Our complimentary pre-assessments ensure candidate alignment with your culture and role, optimizing your time and resources

  • Seamless Interview Coordination: We coordinate and manage the entire interview process, from scheduling to conducting semi-final and final interviews to providing comprehensive candidate profiles. Our aim is to streamline the process for you, enabling you to focus on evaluating the top candidates

  • Offer a "replacement search" at no cost: We offer a three-month guarantee for candidate replacements, ensuring peace of mind, cost efficiency and minimizing disruption for our clients

  • Expert Negotiation Assistance: Our consultants possess deep negotiation expertise, helping you secure the best talent at a competitive rate aligned with the market benchmarking from our comprehensive data

  • Post-placement Support: Provide onboarding support for the new hired, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing any unforeseen or early issue. Ensure candidate relations during and after probationary period to ensure successful placement and culture fit to your organization

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