HR Consulting

We understand how challenging it is when it comes to human resources management. That is why, we are committed to helping you address any HR issues, and create practical human resources strategies that can help you increase productivity and reach business objectives. If you feel that your human resources management strategy is under satisfaction, we can help you make an improvement to your HR department to be more efficient and effective.

Our specialist HR professionals can help you:
  • Set up HR department and structure

  • Develop HR policies such as internal rule, employee handbook, code of conduct

  • Develop HR SOPs such as recruitment, training, KPIs setting, performance appraisal

  • Develop job grading, competitive salary policy and others benefits

  • Develop staff retention program to reduce staff turnover rate and maintain business operation stability

  • Conduct HR policy orientation to ensure effective implementation

  • Assess training needs and prepare master training plans

  • Conduct leadership and management training for supervisory level

  • Conduct orientation on labor law compliance for enterprise

  • Prepare and implement succession planning program

  • Provide HR consultation and training for SMEs and develop other HR policies

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